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This is for internal use by the PaaS team. Public-facing documentation is located at

Billing process for GOV.UK PaaS paid accounts

Once an organisation has finished their 3 month trial period they are given the option to carry on using the GOV.UK PaaS on a paid account. Refer to the team manual for more information on how to move from a trial to paid organisation.

Billing process for Departments

Once it has been confirmed that an organisation is now on a paid account, the GOV.UK PaaS Delivery Manager should complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the billing sheet for each billable department. One bill is sent per department so if a department has multiple organisations, those organisation are all listed on one bill.

    To find billing sheets, go to the Team Drive > Billing and Pricing PII > Billing Record then the appropriate department. Update the latest month’s figures using the PaaS Admin tool.

    Once you have the figures, update these in the billing tracker. You will only need to complete the total figure for a department, not for each organisation in a department.

  2. For departments that you are going to bill, check the first sheet of the Billing Tracker to find the billing manager.

  3. Ascertain how often the GOV.UK PaaS needs to send a department’s bill. The below table gives an indication of how often it is appropriate to bill. Agree bill frequency with the organisation’s billing manager. Record the frequency in the Billing Frequency column in the billing tracker.

    Approx. billable amount per month Billing frequency
    < £1000 Yearly
    £1000-£5000 6 monthly
    > £5000 Quarterly
  4. Send the billing manager the following email, attaching a pdf version of their billing statement:

    Dear _______

    Please find attached a statement(s) containing your charges for hosting on the GOV.UK PaaS from [input dates]. You can see your usage and costs at any time by logging into

    As per your Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) you have agreed to cover the costs of hosting your services on the GOV.UK PaaS. Based on your current usage levels, we would like to send you invoices on a [monthly/quarterly/6 monthly] basis.

    You will now need to raise a purchase order using your own department’s processes.

    If you have any questions, please contact us on

    Kind regards
    GOV.UK PaaS [job title]

  5. The department will then set up a purchase order (PO) and send you a copy of the PO document which will include the PO number.

  6. Send the following email to

    Dear _____

    I need to raise an invoice on SOP for [department name] usage of the GOV.UK PaaS. I have attached a PDF of the billing summary and the department’s purchase order. The total amount to invoice is £xxx including VAT.

    Please send the invoice to:
    [name of contact which invoice should be addressed to]
    [email address which invoice should be issued to]
    [address which invoice should be issued to]

    Kind regards
    GOV.UK PaaS [job title]

  7. The PMO team will then request that the Cabinet Office Finance department raise the invoice. If you do not get copied into an email from CO Finance when they raise the invoice, you should ask CO Finance to forward the email to you for your records.

  8. The responsibility for chasing payment of invoices lies with the CO Finance team. The PaaS team has completed everything they are responsible for.

If you are missing any of this information ask the organisation’s Billing Manager to provide it.

Process for cross-charging GDS PaaS tenants

We should cross charge GDS tenants who are not included in the same business case as us.

We cannot cross charge the following teams within GDS:

  • Notify
  • Design System
  • Pay
  • Registers
  • SD&S (SD&A) - service standard
  • Accessibility

The process for charging eligible teams is as follows:

  1. Complete step one as detailed in the ‘Billing process for departments’ section.

  2. Send the billing sheets to on a quarterly basis.

  3. The PMO team will then arrange cross charging within GDS.