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ADR013: Building BOSH releases


We use Bosh to create and manage our cloudfoundry deployment on AWS. To deploy software, Bosh needs certain binary dependencies available. These are known as bosh releases.

Before this decision, we usually built and uploaded releases to Bosh as part of our concourse pipeline. Occasionally, we would manually build a release, store it on GitHub, and point Bosh to it there.

Building Bosh Releases

We investigated different approaches to creating bosh releases, in particular

The work on these spikes was recorded in


We will use the pullrequest-resource approach to build all our Bosh releases in a consistent way.




We must gradually migrate all our Bosh release builds to their own build pipelines. We will need separate jobs to build from master - this already has a proof of concept in the spike. We may have to add additional config in projects we fork to allow us to create final builds.