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ADR028: Migrate CF platform logs to Logit


The work to ship cloud foundry platform logs to Logit was started in 2018 Q1. It was paused because some IA issues with Logit were not resolved. At one point RE recommended that PaaS should host our own logstash as this part of the service was not widely available by market Elastic SaaS providers. The PaaS team was also considering to use Elasticsearch on AWS with our accounts.


An updated conversation with the RE tool team has confirmed that the IA issues had been resolved, and that GDS can continue to use Logit for now.

It is a GDS strategy to use a consistent logging solution. Hence, we should continue our migration of platform logs to logit, including our logstash filters.

There is considerably less maintenance work for us if we use Logit’s logstash filter rather than hosting the bosh release one. In the future if GDS choose to use another vendor that do not have a hosted logstash solution, they would need to provide a migration strategy for all the current logstash users.




We will continue the migration of platform logs to logit including logstash, and take a risk that we may need to spin up our logstash in the future if GDS choose a different platform logs provider.