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This is for internal use by the PaaS team. Public-facing documentation is located at

ADR029: Aiven project structure


Aiven provides hosted Elasticsearch for the Elasticsearch backing service.

The PaaS has several environments which will need to use Aiven. These environments should be isolated from each other so that changes made in testing and development environments do do not affect production users.

Aiven provide a “Project” abstraction where a user can be a member of several projects. API tokens are user specific. By creating one user per project it’s possible to scope API tokens to a project.


We’ll use separate projects for separate environments, initially using the following Aiven projects:

  • ci-testing (for the CI environment for the elasticsearch broker itself)
  • paas-cf-dev
  • paas-cf-staging
  • paas-cf-prod

For staging and prod we will use separate API tokens within the same project to separate credentials between the London and Ireland regions.

We will have the following per-project users to hold API tokens:

The credentials for the ci and dev users will be stored in the paas-credentials passwordstore. staging and prod will be stored in paas-credentials-high.

Members of the PaaS team will each have their own user which will have access all of the projects for management purposes.




Members of the PaaS team will need their own Aiven accounts.

The Aiven credentials of the four service users will be managed in the PaaS team’s passwordstores.

We will be able to interact with elasticsearch on a given environment without risk of affecting other environments.