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This is for internal use by the PaaS team. Public-facing documentation is located at

ADR031: Separate PaaS services from the Platform core pipeline


We have a single pipeline create-cloudfoundry which creates a Cloud Foundry deployment, and also deploys additional services to the platform.

These services include:

  • PaaS Accounts
  • PaaS Admin
  • PaaS Billing
  • PaaS Metrics

Which are core components to our platform, but not to Cloud Foundry.

Currently these services are unnecessarily coupled in a couple of places:

  • The post-deploy job
  • The custom-acceptance-tests job

Unnecessarily coupling has resulted in flakey app tests blocking CVE remediation from reaching production.


Move, where possible, PaaS services into their own jobs (within the same create-cloudfoundry pipeline) such that they do not impede progress of deployment to the core platform.




The pipeline will no longer be fully controlled by the pipeline-lock pool.

The individual jobs in the pipeline will be less mysterious.