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ADR033: Redirect HTTP for applications


In ADR032 we decided that we would only support https for applications on the PaaS, and that we would drop plain http connections (port 80).

Since then, we’ve observed this causing confusion for users on numerous occasions where they think their app isn’t working after being pushed.

The situation is improved with the inclusion of the domain in the HSTS preload list, but this only helps users with recent versions of modern browsers.

As a result of the continued confusion for users we should revisit the decision from ADR443.

There are a number of things that could be done to address this:

Update the CF CLI to include the scheme

Currently, the CF CLI outputs the fully-qualified hostname of the app after pushing, but doesn’t include the scheme. This has caused confusion for users when this is copy/pasted into browsers, and then times out.

Getting the CLI to include the scheme here will help with the specific case of users getting confused immediately after pushing an app.

It’s unclear how much work this involves, as currently information about whether a route is http or https doesn’t appear to be modeled in CloudFoundry anywhere.

If this involves changes to the CLI, there’s no guarantee that users will upgrade their CLI.

Additionally, there is some debate about how effective this change would be. It will probably fix some cases, but won’t cover everything.

Redirect http to https

Add an endpoint that listens to all http requests on and redirects them to the corresponding https URL.

There’s a risk with this that a service could link to the http version of a page by mistake and not notice due to the redirect. We can mitigate this be having the redirect strip the path and query when redirecting so that it always redirects to the base URL.

There’s another risk that a misconfiguration could allow non-encrypted traffic through to applications. This would need to be mitigated by having acceptance tests to cover this.


We will redirect http traffic to the corresponding root https endpoint.

We will continue to maintain HSTS preload lists for our production domains.




We must configure and maintain an endpoint on the routers that accepts http connections and redirects to the corresponding base https endpoint.