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This is for internal use by the PaaS team. Public-facing documentation is located at

ADR034: Continuously deploy platform CF applications


As part of GOV.UK PaaS we have a number of applications that we consider to be an essential part of the platform deployed as cloud foundry apps. These include:

  • paas-admin
  • paas-billing
  • paas-accounts

Prior to July 2019 the versions of these applications were pinned in paas-cf, and they were only deployed along with the whole platform. This had a couple of negative consequences:

  • Following a change to an app’s source and a passing build an additional manual change to paas-cf was required to deploy it
  • Deploying apps required waiting for unrelated slow bits of the pipeline to complete (e.g. terraform apply, bosh deploy, cf acceptance tests), despite the fact that a change to an app could not possibly affect or be affected by these steps

There were also some advantages of specifying the version of applications explicitly:

  • There’s an record of which versions of the applications work with which versions of the platform.
  • Merges to paas-cf require a signed merge commit to be deployed, so we can be explicit about the set of people who are allowed to deploy changes


We will update the pipeline to:

  • Require GPG signatures on git commits before deploying applications in staging and production
  • Automatically deploy every build of the master branch of the applications to staging
  • In staging: tag the application repo when a deployment passes its acceptance tests
  • In production: automatically deploy any build which has been tagged by staging




  • Deployments to paas-admin, paas-billing and paas-accounts will take minutes instead of hours
  • We will continue to enforce that all production code requires a signed commit to deploy
  • We will no longer have a single record of which version of the applications were deployed with which version of the platform