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This is for internal use by the PaaS team. Public-facing documentation is located at

Connecting to Concourse, CredHub, and BOSH

Single sign-on

We use Google single sign-on (SSO) to represent an audited identity instead of shared credentials.

We use SSO for operator workflows, for instance:

  • Using BOSH via the bosh-cli task
  • Interacting with CredHub directly via the credhub shell task
  • Uploading secrets to CredHub via the upload-secrets task

SSH into the Concourse VM

To SSH directly into the Concourse VM, use make in paas-bootstrap.

make ssh_concourse

Connecting bosh_cli to BOSH

A Makefile task in paas-bootstrap pulls a Docker image, sets some environment variables to aid with signing in, and runs a container targeting BOSH:

DEPLOY_ENV=foo make dev bosh-cli

The container will automatically target the CF deployment. To target the concourse deployment directly, you have to define it for your commands specifically, e.g.:

bosh -d concourse vms

Bosh SSH

To SSH to Bosh-managed VMs you need to go via a gateway, as they aren’t exposed publicly. We use the Bosh VM as the gateway - the task sets this up automatically. From inside the container you can run:

bosh ssh router/bd695524-353e-43ef-84a6-4e256537bd95

SSH into the BOSH VM

We use the Makefile task in paas-bootstrap to establish this SSH connection.

make ssh_bosh

Interact with CredHub

To interact with CredHub directly, use make in paas-cf.

make dev credhub

and follow the instructions.

To upload secrets:

  • Enter a CredHub subshell (make dev credhub)
  • Log in to CredHub (credhub login --sso)
  • Run the secrets task (make upload-all-secrets)