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This is for internal use by the PaaS team. Public-facing documentation is located at

Zendesk guide

Teaching the wider Zendesk interface is out-of-scope of this guide, but it records key things in our usage.

We use the GOV.UK Zendesk for managing support tickets and some automated notifications.

We have two sorts of tickets: ordinary support dealt with in-hours, and P1 incidents dealt with out-of-hours. We have an extra view for ordinary tickets requiring attention from the product people.

There are multiple inputs for ordinary support tickets: forms on the product page, emails to the address, automated CVE alerts, etc.

To bring tickets to the attention of PaaS product people, add the paas_product_support tag.

A few people in the team have edit permissions over our own views, but for most changes we need to talk to the GDS support team within TechOps. Open a Zendesk ticket assigned to 2nd/3rd Line--Zendesk Administration.

Email notifications of incoming tickets are administered manually. This needs doing when someone is added or removed from Zendesk. Contact the support team.


The in-hours email address is given in numerous places, for instance our Support page. The out-of-hours email address is deliberately not written down in public, to avoid spam waking people up at night.

Both email addresses are Google Groups. Originally we used Gmail Aliases but they did not support prepending to email subjects for Zendesk. These groups forward emails elsewhere and are not intended for use by themselves. Their spam protection is disabled to avoid emails being silently discarded.

The in-hours email address prepends [PaaS Support] to email subjects, and forwards it to a Zendesk email address. The out-of-hours email address prepends [PaaS Emergency Support] and also forwards to a PagerDuty email address.


In hours support is responsible for tagging incoming tickets to enable analysis.

We use the following tags to categorise support tickets:

Name Tag Description
Activity update paas_activity_update The tenant is providing the GOV.UK PaaS team with information about their activity, this could be load testing, penetration testing, moving the service to live
Account lifecycle paas_account_lifecycle Topic category for support requests relating to creating, maintaining and deleting organisations
Backing service paas_backing_service The tenant has a question about backing services: mysql, postgres, redis, opensearch, influxdb, cdn, autoscaling
Bug paas_bug The tenant has encountered a bug, error or fault in GOV.UK PaaS that we need to fix.
Buildpacks paas_buildpacks The tenant has a question about buildpacks
CC paas_cc Non actionable items, information from upstream and others
Consultancy paas_consultancy The tenant needs advice and expertise from a member of the GOV.UK PaaS team in the form of a meeting or phone call to determine suitability, billing, pricing, roadmap
Deployment paas_deployment The tenant is having issues deploying an application to the platform
Feature request paas_feature_request The tenant needs or wants a new feature that GOV.UK PaaS does not offer
Incident paas_incident_report The tenant is reporting an incident
Logging/Monitoring/Alerting paas_logging_monitoring_alerting The tenant has a query, request or problem related to monitoring, metrics, logs
Misc paas_misc The ticket does not fit into any of the existing tags
Missing information paas_missing_information The tenant is unable to find the information they’re looking for
Platform monitoring paas_monitoring Informational items that come from our platform monitoring systems (Pingdom, Cronitor, PagerDuty)
Org billable paas_org_billable The tenant has a query about billing or wants to go move to a billable plan
Org demise paas_org_demise An organisation is to be demised
Org quota paas_org_quota The tenant is requesting to increase their usage quota
Org trial paas_org_trial A prospective tenant is requesting a trial account to evaluate the use of the platform
Out of hours paas_outofhours Out of hours support
Action paas_paas_action The tenant needs the GOV.UK PaaS team to perform an action for them
Platform tests paas_platform_tests Automated messages from smoketest pipeline
Question paas_question The tenant needs more information about GOV.UK PaaS
Routing paas_routing The tenant is having issues with routing
Security paas_security Topic category for security-related questions. The tenant has a question or problem related to security or information assurance
Spam paas_spam Unsolicited off topic tickets
Technology paas_technology Topic category for tech-support requests
Tenant action paas_tenant_action The tenant needs to perform an action for the GOV.UK PaaS team
Test paas_test test tickets generated by user testing that should be ignored
Troubleshooting paas_troubleshooting The tenant needs help to identify and resolve an issue they are experiencing
Upstream paas_upstream Actionable items that come from our upstream providers (AWS, Aiven, Cloud Foundry Foundation) leaked keys, ec2 abuse, phishing websites, deprecation notices, cve notifications from the Cloud Foundry Foundation
User account paas_user_account The tenant needs help to do something with their account. For example, resetting a password, adding or removing a user