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This is for internal use by the PaaS team. Public-facing documentation is located at

Dashboard Mac Mini & Chromebox

There are two Mac Minis and a Chromebox attached to big screens in our team area. They can show the following:

  • Outstanding pull requests
  • Concourse pipelines
  • Pingdom public status page
  • Overview of Prometheus triggered monitors

Some combination of the above might be shown according to the whims of the team. If we want to display multiple different views on a single screen, we use frame-splits.

If you need access, you can walk up and use the mouse and keyboard.

The credentials for these machines and for the chromebox are in the paas-pass password store.

In case of an AZ failure you can switch to a Grafana instance in a different AZ by replacing the number in the URL. The available URLs are listed here.

Outstanding pull requests

These are shown by Fourth Wall.

To get the URL for our dashboard, you can use these commands:

export GITHUB_API_TOKEN=<your github access token>

echo "${GITHUB_API_TOKEN}&team=alphagov/team-government-paas-readonly"

Replace the placeholders with read-only access tokens from GitHub.

You can store those variables in a password manager like paas and load then as needed.

Concourse pipelines

This shows the pipelines for staging and production on a single screen. The URLs for the pipelines are:


We’re using a combined dashboard.

We’re using a custom Chrome plugin to hide some of the Concourse page furniture on the Dashboard.


You can use the Pingdom public status page (and Pingdom public status page documentation) to display the uptime and current status of our healthcheck application. It is not currently presented on the monitors, as we did not find it useful enough. The Pingdom account is shared with other Government-as-a-Platform services, such as Notify, and there is only one shared dashboard for the entire account.

We use the Super Easy Auto Refresh Chrome extension to refresh the page.

Prometheus Triggered Monitors

We have created a dashboard in Grafana, called ‘User Impact - prod’ and dashboard in Grafana, called ‘User Impact - prod-lon’, which displays a count of monitors by trigger status (healthy, warning, critical, or unknown) for each production environment.

The credentials for the Grafana mon users can be found by running make <env> credhub from paas-cf.